MUDD24 Student Experience

MUDD provided me with a comprehensive and integrated view of studying urban design and urban development. It helped me gain lots of knowledge about real word urban patterns, city transformations and graphic skills. I really learned a lot and appreciated that I had a unique learning experience especially during the International Studio.

– Bai Ziyi (Dannie)

After 6 years of urban planning and urban designing in China and 3 years home duties in Australia, I made the important decision to take on the great challenge of joining MUDD to continue my professional development. In the past 18 months, I refreshed my understanding in this area, opened my mind about urban design in western societies, collaborated intensively with my fellow students and learnt new skills and techniques for creative and critical thinking. I really appreciated this journey and look forward to my new career.

– Chen Hao (Jessica)

Honestly, I didn’t expected that UNSW would be such a wonderful experience until I joined the MUDD Program. I enjoyed the fun of improving my skills and I will never ever forget all the things that happened during this year.

– Chen Xin (Tiffany)

MUDD is a comprehensive program focusing on urban design. In this course I not only gained a lot of professional knowledge, but also learned how to work in a team with people from different countries and professional backgrounds, which will contribute to my work in the future.

– Hu Xiaohan (Hannah)

 Thank you to the MUDD Program. As a student without any design background, I was able to gain design skills I had never learned before and made many friends. More importantly, I learned that working hard can be really rewarding.

– Jiang Shenqin (Nick)

The MUDD Program taught me how to participate in the construction of urban design and taught me how to share my ideas with others. Moreover, this period of study made me feel the passion and rigour of the professors and predecessors of urban planning. They set a good example for me. I will continue to learn from them in my future work.

– Li Dan (Laura)

Through case studies and the practice of practical design projects, MUDD has given me a new and deeper understanding of urban design and development. Throughout the Program, I learned to read the city as a carrier of history, culture and human activities and is far more complicated than I imagined. In the MUDD Program, we were always looking for general and special rules of design. In the future, I hope to continue exploring different cities with the knowledge I gained in this course.

– Liu Hongqiao (Grace) 

Studying the MUDD Program is the most exciting and excellent experience I have had. Each studio is a great opportunity to improve my professional urban design skills as well as my teamwork abilities.

– Ren Yuxi (Becky) 

It is a fabulous journey studying MUDD, which provides impressive experiences of international and local urban design projects and lectures with wonderful case studies and interesting history. The practical courses helped me improve my ability in critical thinking and self-assessment, communicating with groups and completing projects on time. I am proud to study such an excellent urban design program.

– Tang Tian (Tiya) 

The MUDD Program is a course that teaches a lot. Teamwork and design work can be challenging but they teach how to communicate more effectively, think more critically and solve problems together. The experience here will undoubtedly contribute to my life and work in the future. 

– Xiao Nanrong (Vicky)

The MUDD Program provides an excellent environment for study. The teachers are friendly and they offer helpful guidance when you are anxious about your research. The team work contributes to mutual learning among the students. Moreover, the International Studio gave us precious opportunities to broaden our horizons and experience various foreign cities.

– Xu Jiajing (Jean) 

It is an amazing program that helped me to understand the how city features generate urban life for people. I learned a lot about critical thinking. The theories and approach to spatial city making and the methods of how to transfer the existing conditions of a city into preferred ones allowed me to think in a more comprehensive and practical way . It is a memorable experience to communicate and support each other in groups. I really recommend MUDD to those who are interested in urban design.

– Xu Pei (Penelope) 

This MUDD Program gave me a fantastic experience of teamwork and learning. I learned how to organise an exhibition including time-lines, layouts and decoration .In addition, I experienced a great time with our tutors and got a lot of great ideas and suggestions. Overall, it is a useful course.

– Zhao Ziteng (Ivy) 

The MUDD Program is a comprehensive urban design course. It gave me the the skills and knowledge to design attractive and functional urban spaces. I enjoyed exploring the broad context of urban development and planning, learning urban design principles in depth and techniques for engaging communities in planning. I really appreciated being able to join in and become a MUDD student.

– Xue Jiajie (Giselle) 

I had good experiences during the International Studio and most importantly, I learned how to cooperate with my team-mates and work together on our urban designs. I was also able to research the way different cultures have great impacts on urban design and about the big challenges in design that await us.

– Chen Yuqiang (Charlie) 

The MUDD course taught me how to really participate in the construction of urban planning and taught me how to share my idea with others and recognize it. Moreover,this period of study made me feel the passion and rigor of the professors and predecessors on urban planning. They set a good example for me. I will continue to learn from them in my future work.

– Li Dan (Laura) 

The Mudd Program is a lovely family for me. Here we are divided into several groups, the members of the groups work together and each team helps each other. This learning experience taught me how to work better with a division of labour and how to professionally communicate and share knowledge.

– Xiao Yue (Skyler) 

During this half year of study, the MUDD Program brought me a completely different experience from my previous work, opening a new network of landscape, architecture, planning and development. Each classmate brings a unique way of thinking and design inspiration to the group, which allowed me to learn how to communicate effectively with students of different backgrounds. At the same time, the multi-faceted curriculum enriched my knowledge of urban development and gave me a systematic understanding of urban design.

– Jin Yuxiang (Kim) 

Studying the MUDD Program was an interesting experience. In this course, I found how to communicate and work with students from different backgrounds. This allowed me to learn new skills and techniques. I enjoyed my life at UNSW very much.

– Ye Yunqin (Chris) 

The MUDD Program is a course that teaches how to communicate with group members to work on an exhibition. At the end of the program, I realised a good leader is very significant as they need to arrange and organise work for everyone. Good coordination from team members is important. In conclusion, it has been a good experience studying this course.

– Dai Xuepeng (Eric) 

The MUDD Program has made me more passionate about urban design. I have learned a lot of professional theories and skills to understand the importance of urban design to human development. It is beneficial to my career in the future.

– Gong He (Herman) 

MUDD is a great program that offers a variety of experiences and opportunities for self-development. The Program includes domestic and international projects and is committed to developing an international perspective on urban design. The form of group cooperation is conducive to the development of communication skills and teamwork. The course also helps students develop critical thinking.

– Han Weiyu (Weiyu) 

MUDD is an intensive and condensed program that offered us a learning journey that allowed us to procure complex urban design knowledge across different scales, stakeholders and environments. It is an interesting experience to work collaboratively in the studio with all other students who come from different backgrounds and with various skill sets to solve the challenges with assorted perspectives.

– Ma Zixiang (Mark) 

After a bachelor degree of urban planning in the university of Queensland along with two years of part time experience in planning and urban design, it occurred to me that I needed a systemic approach and structure of knowledge in urban design to better understand my day-to-day job, which is why I took part in the MUDD Program. The experience has been very rewarding and rich, highlighted by the International Studio, cross-cultural conversations and professional insights. With my studies in MUDD I am extremely confident in advancing my professional career and I am ready to embrace real world challenges.

– Xu Xuduo (Leo) 

The MUDD Program gave me a very different experience and made me understand the importance of communication. It is really amazing when team members have the same goal and the final results give everyone a big surprise.

– Li Sidi (Sidi) 

The MUDD Program gave me a good opportunity to learn about urban design. It welcomes students from relevant disciplines, even a civil engineering major! It sets up a course of multi-team collaboration. When assigning teams, professors will also take into account the different professional backgrounds of each team member and through cooperating with team members we learned how to communicate with each other and better understand the subject.

– Wang Yayi (Cassie) 

I started to have a sense of what urban development and design is and build up my own urban design sensibility. I am very lucky to meet with so many great professors at the MUDD Program as they not only helped me with my studio, but also further my professional development. It is hard, but worth it.

– Zheng Lingling (Lilian) 

I decided to go abroad and study at UNSW and wanted to experience the environment of an English immersion education. After one-year study of MUDD, I feel that I have gained more than that. What impressed me the most was the lab at night and the crowded library. The study here is tense but enjoyable, and there are countless deadlines that kept me busy. Busy represents the harvest: every time I did a group design assignment, wrote a paper, did a presentation or read a lot of material, this helped me improve my professional and collaboration abilities and also my verbal expression and self-learning abilities. I am grateful to all the classmates and teachers I met, I have benefited a lot from the learning atmosphere in our class.

– Huang Lixuan (Miki) 

The MUDD Program is an unforgettable experience. As a student from a landscape design background, I was able to deepen my understanding of cities and public spaces, as well as learning how to think big and comprehensively. This program has a high degree of professionalism, a broad international vision and is exciting and forward-looking.

– Gu Hailing (Ling) 

With a construction background, urban design is a brand-new field for me and the MUDD Program is definitely a challenging and intensive course of study. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this program. I learned a lot from experienced professors and guests and my professional skills were enhanced. I will never forget this wonderful experience in my life.

– Xu Wentong (Talia)