MUDD 24 International Studios



In November 2019 MUDD students were hosted for a three
week intensive studio workshop in the offices of world
renowned urban planners Sasaki Associates in Boston,
USA. Working alongside experienced practitioners and with
real clients and stakeholders, students were immersed in
an invaluable learning experience that also allowed them
to showcase their skills to an enthusiastic audience. While
Boston undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the memories
of each student, the work produced during this three week
period is sure to have triggered much discussion amongst
those tasked with the redevelopment of Beacon Yards.




The Fukuoka International Studio in 2019 saw MUDD
students join forces with students from the Graduate School
of Design at Kyushu University to explore design possibilities
for the city’s main waterfront redevelopment site. Presenting
their analyses and urban design frameworks to unfamiliar
academics, newly acquainted classmates and the real-world
client of the Hakata Port Authority was a daunting experience
but one that enabled MUDD students to refine their designs,
polish their presentation skills and defend their proposals to
great acclaim.