MUDD22 Acknowledgements

The MUDD22 staff and students would like to thank our many friends and supporters for the time and effort they have provided in continuing to make our program an outstanding success. The list below includes key intellectuals, administrators, designers and developers who have contributed to the program throughout the course of the past year in Sydney, New York and Berlin.

For their contributions to UDES0001 Studies in Urban Form Studio (Semester 1, 2016) Professor James Weirick thanks Brendan Randles (Senior Architect & Urban Designer, Architectus) for his guidance and creative ideation during desk critiques and his participation in the Design Jury; Oliver Ju (MUDD 2015 – Landscape Architect, Johnson Pilton Walker) for the introductory workshop on mapping techniques; and Swetik Korzeniewski for his inspirational lectures on Architecture & the City, together with Design Jury members Phil Coxall (Landscape Architect & Principal, McGregor Coxall); Carlos Frias (MUDD 1998 – Director, Urban Design, Urbis); Arlene Segal (Adjunct Senior Lecturer BE UNSW); and Tim Schwager (Architect & Principal, Schwager Australia).

We thank our good friend Swetik Korzeniewski – Architect, Artist & Educator – for the gift of fine prints of the 1739 Turgot Map of Paris and the Jacopo de’ Barberi 1500 Aerial View of Venice, which framed, now grace the MUDD Studio.

For contributions to UDES0001 M4 WestConnex  Studio (Semester 2, 2016) Professor Weirick thanks Michael Gheorghiu (Consultant Planner & Urban Designer) for his extraordinary commitment as design tutor; Oliver Ju for his workshop on mapping techniques; Geoffrey Morrison-Logan (MUDD 1998 – Principal, Planning, Design & Landscape Architecture, Vanasse Hankin Brustlin, Watertown, MA, USA) as special guest tutor; once again Brendan Randles as stimulating design tutor and member of the Design Jury along with Professor Helen Lochhead (Dean, Built Environment);  Jesse McNicoll (Urban Design Coordinator, City of Sydney); and Arlene Segal (Adjunct Senior Lecturer BE UNSW).

For UDES0002 M4 Westconnex Studio (Semester 1, 2016), we thank Peter John Cantrill (Consultant Architect & Urban Designer, City of Sydney and co-author with Philip Thalis of Public Sydney) and Jesse McNicoll (Urban Design Coordinator, City of Sydney) for idea and realisation of the ‘Civilising WestConnex’ Studio, which inspired so much of the design work and critical studies of the MUDD22 year, together with Design Jury members Professor Helen Lochhead and City of Sydney urban designers Amy Bendall and Jeffrey Cooke.

For their contributions to the UDES0002 (Semester 2, 2016) M5 Westconnex Studio, Scott Hawken would like to thank the following people. For engaging design crits, workshopping and lectures Kristina Hay (Hill Thalis), Professor Donald McNeill (from the Institute for Culture & Society UWS) and Tim Greer (Director, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer). For highly informative and important lectures on the development context of the Sydney CBD we would like to thank Jesse McNicoll and Peter John Cantrill. Special thanks go to Jonathan Knapp (SJB) and Glyn Richards (Senior Development Manager, Lend Lease) for their practical, in-depth and knowledgeable guidance and critiques throughout the process of undertaking and completing our urban design frameworks and feasibility assessments.

For joining the design jury and providing helpful critiques and observations we would like to thank Jonathan Knapp (SJB); Professor Donald McNeill (Institute for Culture & Society UWS); Glyn Richards (Senior Development Manager, Lend Lease); Kristina Hay (Hill Thalis) and Brendan Randles.

For the highly informative, stimulating lectures on the political and economic contexts necessary for our understanding before undertaking the UDES0003 International Studios in New York and Berlin, we thank good friend of the MUDD Program, urban economist John Zerby.

For our New York Experience we express our deep appreciation to our hosts at Kohn Pedersen Fox. In particular, we thank Yu Zhizhe RAIA RIBA (MUDD 2003 – Director, KPF) for initiating and facilitating the magnificent support we received from KPF, the opportunity to work out of their head office at 11 West 42nd Street, Midtown Manhattan and to engage with the KPF-master planned Hudson Yards project. For the formal invitation to NYC, we thank Principals Forth Bagley AIA and Rob Whitlock AIA. For liaison and professional support throughout our stay, we thank Associate Principal Chris Dial AIA, whose engagement with our studio was magnificent, providing digital base material and a physical, 3-D printer model of Midtown Manhattan, and organising the schedule of presentations. For our office induction we thank Denise Norsted and her HR team, and for making a special studio room available for the three-week stay of our 25-member class, we thank Principal Nick Dunn AIA. President James von Klemperer FAIA welcomed with a briefing on the KPF One Vanderbilt Avenue supertall, currently in construction next to Grand Central Terminal.  Rob Whitlock gave a presentation on ‘Learning from the Asian City’ and Principal Lloyd Sigal AIA gave us a comprehensive briefing on the KPF study of redevelopment options for the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Marianne Kwok, Director gave us a most thorough, inspirational briefing on the Hudson Yards air rights development, on which she has been engaged since the outset. Principal Jill Lerner FAIA presented the KPF study undertaken for the Municipal Art Society on reconstruction of Penn Station and re-location of Madison Square Garden.

Also in New York, Adrian Bonnani (MUDD 2006 – Associate Urban Designer, NYC Planning Department) organised a comprehensive briefing on Midtown West development issues from Frank Ruchola, Deputy Director of Zoning and Karolina Grebowiecz, Senior Planner at the NYC Planning Department in their office in the Equitable Life Building at 120 Broadway (the tower which prompted introduction of New York zoning in 1916).

Max-Stember Young (MUDD 2012 – Planner, Vanasse Hankin Brustlin NYC office) organised a briefing by Nancy Doon AICP, Director of Environmental Services, VHB on the MTA Subway 7-Line extension to Hudson Yards and the overall NYC environmental impact assessment process; Max Stember-Young presented a brilliant summary of recent planning initiatives in NYC under the di Blasio Administration based on his recent time at the NYC Planning Department.

For our presentations at KPF, we thank for their commitment and incisive comments Principals Jill Lerner FAIA, William C. Louie FAIA, Lloyd Segal AIA, Rob Whitlock AIA; Directors Elie Gamberg AIA, Yu Zhizhe RAIA RIBA; Senior Associate Principal Albert S. Weiri AICP; and Associate Principals Chris Dial AIA and Luc Wilson, Director of KPF Urban Interface. For the final presentation, we were privileged to be joined by four MUDD Alumni in addition to Yu Zhizhe – Geoffrey Morrison-Logan (MUDD 1998 – Principal, Planning, Design & Landscape Architecture, Vanasse Hankin Brustlin, Watertown, MA) who came down from Boston for the event; Max Stember-Young (MUDD 2012 – Planner, VHB NYC office); Nate Bettini (MUDD 2010 – Associate, Rockwell Group), and Erica Tinio (MUDD 2010 – Transit Research Survey, NYC). For an outstanding contribution as design tutor in New York for our advanced studies of urban development and design, we thank Nick Jonmundsson (Senior Architect, Kann Finch, Sydney).

Back in Sydney, we thank Brenda Randles for his deign input over Summer Term, and participation in the final Design Jury, together with Professor Helen Lochhead; Brendan Randles; Michael Gheorghiu; Arlene Segal; and John Zerby.

For hosting the UDES0003 Berlin Studio (Summer Term 2016-2017), Dr Scott Hawken and Professor Karl Fischer express sincere thanks to our hosts, the Habitat Unit, Technische Universität Berlin especially its director Professor Dr.-Ing. Philipp Misselwitz (Chair of International Urbanism & Design), Áine Ryan and Katharina Hagg (Studio Directors) and the students from TU Berlin’s Spree-Athen Studio. For administrative assistance, thank you to Franziska Berger. For a range of stimulating presentations and fascinating tours over three days Dr Scott Hawken and Professor Karl Fischer would like to thank Takis Sgouros and Michael Kuenzel from the Berlin Planning Department; Kai Dolata, Project Manager for the Flussbad Berlin project; Thomas M. Krüger and George Düx from Ticket B, Architektur erleben GbR; Professor Dr Claudia Kromrei, Berlin Werkbund President. A very special thanks for special guest lectures and assistance and contributions to the running of the studio to Rossana Zenina Poblet Alegre – water sensitive design specialist and co-operative planning expert. For intriguing presentations on the Media Spree thank you to Dr Paola Alfaro d’Alençon (Habitat Unit), Carsten Joost (community activist) and Dipl.-Ing. Aljoscha Hofmann (co-operative planning expert).

For their stimulating contributions to the final presentation in Berlin, Dr Scott Hawken and Professor Karl Fischer would like to thank Theresa Keilhacker (Architect); Professor James Weirick (Program Director MUDD); Gerald Blomeyer (Architect), Takis Sgouros (Berlin Planning Department); and Kai Dolata (Project Manager for the Flussbad Berlin project).

For valuable contributions to the design jury back in Sydney Dr Scott Hawken would like to thank: Arlene Segal (Adjunct Senior Lecturer BE UNSW); Chris Raddatz (Architect, Scott Carver); David Tickle (Principal & Director of Urban Design, Hassell Studio); Brendan Randles (Senior Architect, Architectus); Professor Dr Karl Friedhelm Fischer (Visiting Professorial Faculty BE UNSW), Professor James Weirick (MUDD Director, BE UNSW); and Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard (Lecturer in Landscape Architecture, BE UNSW).

We thank Professor Karl Fischer (Visiting Professorial Fellow, MUDD Program, UNSW) setting up the MUDD22 Berlin Studio, organising and running the in-depth fieldtrips to numerous locations in Berlin, including the river tour central to Berlin Studio theme, and the fascinating lectures he provided on the urban design history of Berlin. We also give special thanks to Professor Fischer for his extraordinary work in bringing our 2017 Reid Lecturer, Reiner Nagel, Director of the German Federal Cities Program, Potsdam to Australia and coordinating his visit in Sydney and Canberra.

For UDES0004 History & Theory of Urban Development & Design (Semester 1. 2016) Professor James Weirick would like to thank Professor Karl Fischer (Visiting Professorial Fellow, BE UNSW) for his lecture on the evolution of the European city; and Barrie Shelton (Honorary Associate Professor, University of Sydney) for his detailed presentations on Hong Kong and the Japanese city. For his in-depth and brilliantly challenging lectures on spatial political economy and urban design, a profound thank you to Emeritus Professor Alexander Cuthbert. For valuable assistance and knowledgeable g throughout the weekly tutorials, we thank Ashley Bakelmun (MUDD 2016) and Vanessa Trowell (MUDD 2009).

Professor James Weirick would like to thank the following professionals and BE colleagues for their Urban Development Design Case Study Presentations in our Summer Term course UDES0006: Emeritus Professor Jon Lang; Jesse McNicoll & Tim Wise (City of Sydney); Arlene Segal; Emeritus Professor Alec Tzannes (Director, Tzannes Associates); Bob Perry (Director, Scott Carver); Justine Butler (Senior Architect, Scott Carver); Dr Dean Economou (Chief Technical Officer, Telstra); and Professor Karl Fischer.  Professor Weirick also expresses sincere appreciation to Professor Lang for his work in reviewing and assessing the Case Study presentations, and to Dr Samir Mahmoud (MUDD2005), Assistant Professor of Architectural History & Theory, Lebanese American University, Beirut for his participation in the Case Studies review.

For their contributions to UDES0008 Planning & Urban Development (Semester 2, 2016), we thank Jeremy Dawkins as convenor; tutors Ashley Bakelmun and Vanessa Trowell; and Guest Lecturers Kevin Alker (Corporate Advisor Hill, PDA & Lecturer UNSW) and Phillip Bartlett (P&J Projects) for their engaging and knowledgeable lectures on the planning and development context in Sydney.

For contributions to UDES0009 Urban Landscape & Heritage (Semester 2, 2016), Dr Scott Hawken would like to gratefully thank Co-convenor Dr Anne Warr (Director, Anne Warr Heritage Consulting) for her lectures on urban heritage and tutorials, and tutor Carla Mamaril (MUDD 2007 – Associate, Lester Firth Associates). We also thank Bob Perry (Director, Scott Carver) for his great Agoradynamics lecture on people and public space.

For critical assistance during UDES0010 Communications in Urban Design, guest workshops and during the final deliverables of each of the studios and for being a delight to work with at all times, a sincere thank you to Jodi Lawton of Lawton Design for the countless hours of her professional and personal time that is dedicated to the MUDD Program.

For convening the BE module of BENV7020 Research Seminar and assisting the MUDD (Extended) students, we thank Dr Laurence Troy (BE City Future Futures Research Centre). In addition, we thank Emeritus Professor Jon Lang, Arlene Segal and Dr Anne Warr for their contributions to the MUDD module of BENV7020 and UDES0011 Urban Design Research Project.

An important thank you to Professor Helen Lochhead (Dean, Faculty of Built Environment Dean); Professor Alan Peters (Deputy Dean, Director of the Australian Graduate School of Urbanism); Professor Bruce Judd (Director Australian School of Architecture & Design); Monica McNamara, Julia Wibowo and their colleagues in the BE Student Centre; Graham Hannah and the BECU team; Dean Utian of the Built Environment TELT team; the Marketing & Communications team led by Marie Caccamo; Kate Meyers, Faculty Development Manager; and Julia O’Sullivan and her fellow Administrative Assistants in the Discipline Directors Unit for their continuing support and goodwill towards the MUDD program.