MUDD24 Acknowledgements

MUDD24 staff and students thank our many friends and supporters for the time and effort they have provided in continuing to make our program an outstanding success. The list below includes key intellectualsadministrators, designers and developers who have contributed to the program throughout the course of the past year in Sydney, Boston and Fukuoka.

For contributions to the UDES0001 Studies in Urban Form Studios (Semesters 1 & 2, 2018), Professor James Weirick thanks Amy Bendall (Urban Designer, City of Sydney) for her special tutoring; Michael Gheorghiu (Consultant Planner & Urban Designer) for his outstanding commitment and expert guidance; Brendan Randles (Senior Architect & Urban Designer, Architectus) for his advice and creative ideation during desk crits; Oliver Ju (MUDD 2015 – Landscape Architect, Johnson Pilton Walker) for the introductory workshop on mapping techniques;
Jesse McNicoll (Urban Design Coordinator, City of Sydney) for his guest lecture on urban densities; and Dean Utian from the FBE Teaching & Learning Team for his enthusiasm and special knowledge of film for the ‘City & Cinematic Space’ studies.

For the UDES0002 Geodesign Studio (Semesters 1 & 2, 2018), Dr Scott Hawken thanks Emeritus Professor Carl Steinitz, Harvard Graduate School of Design for inviting us to join the International Geodesign Collaboration, and for his wise counsel through the year; Hrishi Ballal (Managing Director, Geodesignhub) for his special expertise and technical support; Dr Matthias Irger (Senior Associate, Architectus) and Dr Carlos Bartesaghi Koc (FBE) for their research-based knowledge of development impacts on climate change in Western Sydney, and their enthusiastic tutoring; Professor Robert Freestone (FBE) for his guest lectures on Australian aerotropolis development; guest lecturers Jonathan Knapp (Director, Urban Design, SJB Sydney) and Glyn Richards (Director, Ampersand Property) for
their presentations on development feasibility; Michael Gheorghiu for his Western Sydney knowledge and organisation of the Badgery’s Creek field trips; Joe Catania, Managing Director, Direct Freight Express, Warwick Farm for the special tour of his logistics facility during the ‘aerotropolis’ field trips to Western Sydney; and Professor Rod Simpson (Environment Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission) for his expert critique at the end-of-year Design Jury.

For the highly informative, stimulating lectures on the political and economic contexts necessary for our understanding before undertaking the UDES0003 International Studios in Fukuoka and Boston, we thank urban economist and longstanding friend of the MUDD Program John Zerby.

For our Boston Experience, Professor Weirick and Michael Gheorghiu express deep appreciation to our hosts at Sasaki Associates for their generosity in granting us the opportunity to work in their Watertown office for the second year in a row. In particular we thank Urban Design Principal Martin Zogran and Chair of Design Dennis Pieprz for the formal invitation to Boston – and in addition, Dennis Pieprz for his inspirational lecture on the 21st Century University Campus, Martin Zogran for his expert guidance at our Interim Presentations, and his generous critique at the Final Presentation; and Associate Lachlan Hunter Hicks for his practical support throughout our stay.

In Boston we were privileged to receive background briefings of the highest calibre: first from Harris S. Band, Director of Physical Planning, Harvard Planning Office and his colleague Joseph Breggan, Senior Manager for Transport on the ‘Harvard in Allston’ Project. At the Boston Planning & Development Agency, Boston City Hall we received a comprehensive briefing on the Imagine Boston 2030 plan, Beacon Yards redevelopment and the I-90 Relocation Project from John Read, Senior Deputy Director for Transportation & Infrastructure Planning. At Boston University we were welcomed to the 26th floor common room of the Hancock Village tower with its a dramatic view over the Beacon Yards site by Elizabeth Leary (Director of Community Relations), Paul Rinaldi (Assistant Vice President for Planning & Design), and Cecilia Nardi (Director of Government Policy) for another comprehensive briefing on the Beacon Yards project, this time from the BU perspective. For a searching, inspirational presentation on the Allston community’s engagement with the ‘Harvard in Allston’ and Beacon Yards projects, we thank community activist Harry Mattison for a memorable Saturday morning.

At Harvard Graduate School of Design we were hosted with great generosity by Professor Rahul Mehrotra, Professor of Urban Design & Planning, whose presentation on urban design at Harvard and introduction to the spatial drama of Gund Hall were exceptional. We were also delighted to meet up once again with our 2018 Reid Lecturer, Professor Peter Rowe. We were also delighted to meet up once again with MUDD 1998 alumnus
Geoffrey Morrison-Logan (Principal, Planning, Design & Landscape Architecture, Vanasse Hankin Brustlin, Watertown, MA), who joined us for the Interim and Final Presentations at Sasaki Associates, and Dennis De Witt (Consultant Architect & Architectural Historian) who joined us for the Final Presentation as in 2017. Also in the Design Jury that afternoon, it was great to have Elizabeth Leary and Cecilia Nardi from Boston University; David Gamble, Convenor of a Fall Semester Beacon Yards Studio at Harvard GSD and Principal of Gamble Associates, Cambridge, MA; together with Associate Einat Rosenkrantz and Senior Associate Chanwoo Kim from the Sasaki urban design team.

Professor James Weirick extends sincere appreciation to Brendan Randles (Senior Architect & Urban Designer, Architectus) for once again taking on the challenge of convening and leading the UDES0003 International Studio, this year in Fukuoka, Japan; and also Jun Sakaguchi (Studio Director, Jackson Teece), who facilitated the MUDD 2007 Studio in Tokyo and 2009 Studio in Nagoya, who joined us this year to provide design assistance, professional contacts and cultural reference points in Fukuoka, and to support design development back in Sydney.

The Fukuoka Studio would not have been possible without the outstanding
generosity and support of our friends at Kyushu University, in particular our host, Professor Magakuzu Tani (Dean of the School of Design) and co-convenors of the Joint KU/UNSW Urban Design Studio, Associate Professor Tetsuya Ukai and Assistant Professor Masaaki Iwamoto. We specially thank Professor Iwamoto for his organisational assistance, walking tours in Fukuoka, Hakata Port, Nexus World and Island City, and invaluable tutorial advice; Professor Ukai for his thoughtful commentary and critique in design reviews; and fellow academics from the KU Graduate School of Design: Dr Yoshitake Doi (Professor, History of Western Architecture); Dr Kazuo Asahiro (Associate Professor, Landscape Conservation & Restoration); and Yasushi Togo (Professor of Social System Design) for their great contributions to the reviews.

For their overwhelming generosity throughout the workshop, we thank the Fukuoka Port Authority, in particular Mr Takahisa Nakamura (Chief Executive Officer) for his intriguing and informative lecture comparing the ports of Sydney and Fukuoka, Mr. Aramakai (Director of Redevelopment), Mr Shibata (Director of General Affairs) and all of those involved in organising our extensive boat trip and attending our initial and final presentations. For his excellent lecture on the history of the port,
we would like to thank Keisuke Sakurai (Yokanet). For organising a fascinating evening tour to Fukuoka’s most important shrines during the Light Up Festival, we thank Miki Matsushita (Lighting Designer, Miki Mtsushita Lighting Design). We are especially grateful to Makato Sato (Principal, Aoki Shigeru Architects) for attending crits and providing such generous and informed advice. Above all, we thank the KU students for making the Joint KU/UNSW Urban Design Studio a truly special experience.

For UDES0004 History & Theory of Urban Development & Design, Professor
James Weirick thanks Professor Karl Fischer for his lecture on the evolution of the European city, and Emeritus Professor Alexander Cuthbert (FBE) for his in-depth and brilliantly challenging lectures on spatial political economy and urban design. For valuable assistance and knowledgeable guidance throughout the weekly tutorials, we thank Dr Fatemeh Aminpour (FBE), Carla Mamaril (MUDD 2007) and Vanessa Trowell (MUDD 2009).

Professor Weirick thanks the following professionals and FBE colleagues for their Urban Development & Design Case Study Presentations in our UDES0006 Summer Term course: Phillip Bartlett (Director, P & J Projects); Professor Karl Fischer (FBE); Graham Jahn AM (Director of City Planning, Development & Transport, City of Sydney); Emeritus Professor Bruce Judd (FBE); Emeritus Professor Jon Lang (FBE), Arlene Segal (Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Urban Design, FBE), Adjunct Professor Philip Thalis (Principal, Hill Thalis Urban Projects, FBE), Michael Zanardo (Principal, Zanardo Studio). Professor Weirick also expresses sincere appreciation to Arlene Segal for reviewing and assessing the Case Study presentations.

For their contributions to UDES0008 Planning & Urban Development we thank Jeremy Dawkins as convenor; tutors Carla Mamaril (MUDD 2007) and Vanessa Trowell (MUDD 2009); and Guest Lecturer Kevin Alker (Corporate Advisor Hill, PDA & formerly General Manager, Urban Development, Landcom) for his in-depth lecture series on development feasibility.

For contributions to UDES0009 Urban Landscape & Heritage, Dr Scott Hawken gratefully thanks Co-convenor Dr Anne Warr (Director, Anne Warr Heritage Consulting) for her specialist lectures on urban heritage and conducting tutorials together with tutors Carla Mamaril (MUDD2007) and Sarbeswar Praharaj (FBE Ph.D student).

For convening the BE module of BENV7020 Research Seminar and reviewing the presentations of the MUDD (Extended) students, we thank Professor Robert Freestone (FBE). In addition, we thank Andrew Sweeney (Principal, Palfreeman Sweeney Architects) and Dr Anne Warr for their expert supervision of the MUDD24 Urban Design Research Projects; and Arlene Segal for her commentaries on the students’ research presentations.

For their contributions to the Design Jury presentations of the 2018-2019 studios in Sydney, we thank our guests who provided comments and critique on the MUDD24 design submissions: Amy Bendall; Greg Burgon (Urban Design Principal, Architectus); Professor Robert Freestone; Jonathan Knapp; Jan McCredie (Urban Design Manager, Parramatta City Council); Glyn Richards; Deena Ridenour (Senior Lecturer, Urban Design Program, University of Sydney); Tim Schwager (Architect & Principal, Schwager Australia); Arlene Segal; Andrew Sweeney; Dajon Veldman (Principal, Urban Design, Scott Carver); and John Zerby.

An important thank you to Professor Helen Lochhead (Dean, Faculty of Built Environment) for her continuing support and goodwill towards the MUDD Program and for her contributions during the jury presentations of our students. Thank you also to Acting Deputy Dean Bruce Watson and our colleagues in the FBE Student Centre; Built Environment TELT team; and FBE Discipline Directors Unit, together with the FBE Business Partners in Finance, Computing and Marketing who work to ensure the MUDD Program runs successfully each semester. Professor Weirick extends special thanks to Monica McNamara (Education Support Manager, FBE); Anjalika Wijesurendra (Academic Programs Coordinator); and Vanessa Trowell (MUDD2009) for exceptional assistance in transitioning the MUDD degrees to the UNSW 3+ Academic Calendar.

For co-convening UDES0010 Communications in Urban Design, a special
thank you to Andrew Sweeney for his editing, English-language support for our international students and overall enthusiasm for the MUDD Program. Finally, for her critical assistance during UDES0010, InDesign workshops through the year, oversight of the final studio deliverables, and for her unwavering commitment to always seeing the MUDD24 Folio completed and successful staging of the MUDD24 exhibition, a sincere thank you to Jodi Lawton, Principal of Lawton Design. Her dedication to the MUDD Program and the countless hours of professional and personal time that she dedicates each year is inspirational.