Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate advanced critical thinking and problem solving skills applicable to the challenges of contemporary urban development and design
  2. Collaborate responsibly, to reflect on their own contributions to teamwork, and on the team’s processes and ability to achieve outcomes.
  3. Prepare design proposals and written documents that are clear, coherent and concise, and use media appropriate to audience, purpose and context.
  4. Identify, analyse and master complex issues in urban development and design, and generate robust, innovative design guidelines and proposals based on evidence and research.
  5. Locate, select, and synthesise knowledge of the theory and practice of urban development and design, and apply this knowledge to the challenge of city-making in Australian and international contexts.
  6. Synthesize and communicate advanced principles of urban development and design clearly, concisely and effectively.
  7. Identify and assess ethical, environmental, cultural and sustainability considerations in urban development and design practice.
  8. Demonstrate personal accountability, cultural awareness, a respect for diversity, and environmental and social responsibility in their practice of urban development and design.