Master of Urban Development and Design International Studios

The studio focuses on major urban projects in international cities. The location of the city will vary each year and involve 2 alternative locations. Central to the studio is developing an understanding of the urban context in socio–cultural, political, economic and environmental terms through expert briefings and field investigations, together with consideration of these factors in the urban design process and creative design outcomes. The studio normally involves two weeks of intensive overseas studio and field work (sometimes in collaboration with a local university or city agency) followed by 5 to 6 weeks of studio work back in Australia.

International Studios since 1995

MUDD01 1995-1996
Jakarta, Indonesia

MUDD02 1996-1997
Jakarta, Indonesia
Hanoi, Vietnam

MUDD03 1997-1998
Jatiluhur, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia

MUDD04 1998-1999
Cebu, Philippines
Bandar Bahra Nusajaya,

MUDD05 1999-2000
Beirut, Lebanon
Seoul, South Korea

MUDD06 2000-2001
Semarang, Indonesia
Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

MUDD07 2001-2002
Mumbai, India
Shanghai, China

MUDD08 2002-2003
Bankgkok, Thailand
Beijing, China

MUDD09 2003-2004
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Suva, Fiji

MUDD10 2004-2005
Hanoi, Vietnam
Taipei, Taiwan

MUDD11 2005-2006
New Delhi, India
Beijing, China

MUDD12 2006-2007
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

MUDD13 2007-2008
Budapest, Hungary
Tokyo, Japan

MUDD14 2008-2009
Istanbul, Turkey
Hangzhou, China

MUDD15 2009-2010
Madrid, Spain
Nagoya, Japan

MUDD16 2010-2011
Portland, Oregon, USA
Venice, Italy

MUDD17 2011-2012
Berlin, Germany
New York, New York, USA

MUDD18 2012-2013
Bilbao-Madrid, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

MUDD19 2013-2014
Hamburg, Germany
Venice, Italy

MUDD20 2014-2015
Cape Town, South Africa
Valparaíso-Santiago, Chile

MUDD21 2015-2016
Berlin, Germany
Chicago, USA

MUDD22 2016-2017
New York, New York, USA
Berlin, Germany

MUDD23 2017-2018
Boston, USA
Lisbon, Portugal

MUDD24 2018-2019
Boston, USA
Fukuoka, Japan